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everybody else is already taken - Oscar Wilde



Born in Spain, raised in France, I carried out my higher education and took my first professional steps in England where I lived for 11 years. After taking a gap-year traveling, I then arrived in Brussels, where I have settled since 2003. My background is pretty multi-cultural and that fits me perfectly!

With 20 years' experience in web and audio-visual production, as project manager and post-production manager, I am versatile and multi-disciplined by nature. While my capacity in driving all sorts of projects successfully has been an interesting ride, my heart has always leaned toward human relations, individual development and alignement.

Since 2016, trained by several recognised schools, I am now a fully fledge Coach, a Mentor in professional changes/interview preparation as well as a Trainer in matters related to communication and interpersonal relationships (Soft skills), job interview preparation and Project Management.

I carry out these missions with a great level of enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism, while adhering to the values most precious to me.

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Personal | Professional

You want to tackle some personal or professional issues?

Refocusing on yourself is a good starting point; for it is the only thing you have control over, and it will help you resolve any issue.


Career Changes

You're looking for a professional change? Together we can explore new perspectives and possibilities, compile a CV and letters, and prepare you for interviews so you maximise your chances.



Do you need training

in these areas?

I provide training in communication, interpersonal relationships, interview preparation and video project management.



Image by jose alfonso sierra

I reached out to Marie-Caroline at a significant and challenging time in my life when I had two different job opportunities lined up ahead of me, for which I had to prepare. Based on previous experiences, I tended to exhibit anxious behaviour during interviews. However, from the moment we started working together, MC right away put me at ease with her warm and encouraging demeanour. Her attention to detail, gentle approach, and exceptional listening skills made each coaching session a transformative experience.


Marie-Caroline's mentorship went above and beyond my expectations. Her dedication to understanding my strengths and areas for improvement, as well as tailoring her advice to suit my individual needs, demonstrated her full commitment to my success. Moreover, her unwavering belief in my abilities inspired me to push myself beyond my comfort zone and aim higher than I thought possible.

Throughout the process, I felt supported and motivated by her words of wisdom and encouragement. Marie-Caroline's insights into the intricacies of the interview process, combined with her practical tips and strategies, equipped me with the confidence and skills needed to excel in the interviews. (Cont/...)




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