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Career Changes

Are you at a crossroads in your career and you are wondering which direction to take? Are you tired of your current job but you are not sure what you want to do instead? You lack meaning in your current activity and you want to see more clearly? The mentoring that I propose could help you at this stage of your professional life.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a process of support, that includes discussions and learnings. The mentoring I propose is geared for two things; The first is searching for meaning and direction in your professional life and the second focuses on concrete job search with a follow-up on your CV, your cover letters and most of all preparing you in a personalised manner for job interviews.


How does it work?

 - A professional life that makes sense


Many people lose sight of what is important to them in their work. Whether it's due to routine, ever-increasing expectations, an acute lack of recognition, or any other reason, sometimes we find we have put ourselves on autopilot and one day we wake up and wonder what on earth we're doing there. Sometimes it's the opposite, we lead a peaceful life at work when a restructuring turns everything upside down and we then feel destabilised and perhaps out of place or out of synch with the changes made. If you recognise yourself in these words, then this kind of mentoring could be useful to you.


The path that I propose is divided into several stages:


- Personality test (You are much more than that but it is a good starting point to identify what you recognise yourself in or not)

- Assessment of your drivers/motivations, values, skills, passions, talents and uniqueness

- Vision and mission (What do you want to bring to this world and for whom?)

- Summaries, conclusions and concrete avenues for your job search, action plan.


In this course, the sessions are generally 2 hours long each time. The pace depends on your schedule, your expectations in terms of results and also your energy levels. Note that some of the exercises and procedures are to be done outside the sessions.

- Successful applications and interviews


If you know what type of job is right for you, you've already done a good portion of the work! You may now be actively looking for a job. This approach also requires a lot of energy and an outside, informed and objective feedback could be very useful at this stage to allow you to put the best chances on your side to get that job. My approach is three-fold, from which you can pick and choose depending on your needs:


- Review and feedback on your existing CV (1-to-2-hour session)

- Review and feedback on your cover letters (1-to-2-hour session)

- Personalized preparation for your interview (1 to 2 sessions of 2 hours depending on your needs)


Finding a job doesn’t only depend on you. It is therefore impossible to guarantee the success of an application or an interview. However, you can make sure you are prepared, confident and that you offer your potential employers the best version of yourself in all authenticity. An approach that is close to my heart and which has proven itself with the majority of the people I have had the honour of accompanying.


If you'd like to know more don't hesitate to read all the testimonials published on the site. Otherwise, you can always get in touch via the form below, I will be very happy to answer to any of your questions. 

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