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Opportunities brought by dire situations

We are all feeling the impact of the Covid-19 virus on our daily lives. Fears and uncertainty are rising and these events are inevitably going to shake the world as we know it. But could this also be an opportunity for discovery and transformation?

Like most people, I recently found myself worrying about what might happen to my parents or loved-ones in groups at risk of succumbing to the coronavirus, and while I was wondering about how this pandemic was going to affect everyone professionally, economically and socially I realised that this unexpected situation could also be an opportunity for us to grow and discover new things about ourselves.

Our daily lives are often filled with work, family and social events. We are sometimes so busy that we don’t even take stock of what’s important to us anymore. However in the last few days I have been witness to a stream of messages and exchanges that promote care, protection and love. Refocusing on what really matters to us, is a powerful way to shed some unwanted “mental/emotional weight” so we can move forward with a different mind-set when this is all over. Not only will we be able to better appreciate the important things in our lives but we might also be able to give them more space and value in the future.

Moreover as a society, we tend to gallop in our respective “hamster-wheels” and we seldom challenge the way we live. Today many hamster wheels have been stopped creating changes we would never have experienced otherwise - An unprecedented standstill. Could this be a perfect opportunity to allow stillness, or to test new things, to make new choices and to find new solutions and resources we would never have thought of otherwise.

I understand that the medical field and other crucial professions are currently overloaded with work and their skills or services are needed more than ever at this time. Is there a way we could thank them by giving back once this is over?

We are often afraid of change yet these events are creating massive changes and we are adapting faster than we think, and yes panic may be a part of it for some, but with or without panic we are forced to adapt and invariably we do!

Additionally we are also put into situations we would never initiate ordinarily, such as being isolated at home for long periods of time. What does that teach us about ourselves? All kinds of realisations can happen in that time.

Finally, this epidemic calls for our sense of responsibility. It highlights more that ever that our actions can affect us but others too and this is true not only with this sanitary crisis, it is true for most things in life. We have an active power to make things better or to make them worse. So when this crises is over, or even right now in fact, we could start tackling life more aware of ourselves and others, and next time we go to a concert, get together with friends, have a warm embrace with a loved one, we might be more conscious of how much those moment are worth, the joy they bring us and the responsibility we have in making them happen.

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