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Was it magical? Yes it was in the end!

When, close to a year ago, a friend of mine casually slid this little book across the table telling me “I brought you this, I think you might like it”, little did he know how timely his gesture was, and little did I know the changes it would bring !

Before that moment I had never heard of Marie Kondo, let alone her methods, however at that precise moment in my life I felt a strong need to unclutter but just didn’t know where to start. Marie had appeared as if by magic at the right time indeed.

Her book is very straight forward and her method clear with the added bonus of revealing the author’s personality and her journey towards becoming a tidying expert. It’s an enjoyable human story and a guidebook at the same time. I was so ripe by the time I had finished the book that I got stuck in straight after. And as if by magic, again, I discovered her Netflix series a few days later… If ever there was a sign, this time there were plenty!

Sorting out my clothes ended up quite simple. I could easily choose the “joyful” garments and thank and let go those I did not wish to keep. When I got to the shoes I was in awe at the final selection, as they were all shoes I loved. I realised how only keeping the things you love makes you appreciate them better. Less was indeed more.

Then, I rejoiced when sorting out books, CDs, DVDs etc.. and I made a nice little profit of it too at the second hand store. I was on fire! This MariKondo method was a piece of cake! Then came the time to sort out “papers”… I swear they were multiplying as I was sorting them out. It felt like a never-ending job. I considered giving up put ploughed through. I had created such a mess taking everything out I felt I might as well follow though and finish the job!

Kitchen and bathroom related objects took me a while but it was ok because I was back on the “joyful-train”, which was like a game really. Then I hit my second hurdle with the “miscellaneous objects”. The shear amount of stuff we pack in one place is frightening. By that time, I had been doing this tidying up business for 2 to 3 months (During weekends mostly). I was running out of steam, my flat was like a warehouse with bags to throw away, to give, to sell etc…

It was quite overwhelming but as I started seeing things leave my apartment, it gave me the impetus to continue and so I completed the process to about 90% after which I got stuck with boxes of photographs, and a whole bunch of miscellaneous stuff I wanted to sell or give to people that would appreciate them (Things I couldn’t just throw way and that would not sell). It stayed like that for a few months, which was a shame because that 10% was in front of my nose pilled up in one room and reminding me daily that I had unfinished business… Until recently that is …

I had been looking for a specific piece of furniture and I found it rather by chance and it was delivered the same day. It was the little push I needed. Within a week I sorted out that remaining 10% and I’m happy to say that finishing this in depth clearing out is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

All in all I must have got rid of 35% of everything that I owned, maybe a little more. Every room in my flat is a joy to be in. Every object has a dedicated place it can go back to when not in use. I hardly ever tidy up anymore, as I am able to put things back where they belong as I go along! While a tidying up of this scale requires commitment, energy and time the result is remarkable. It’s well worth it. And on a human level, this process also trains you to make constant choices and reconnect with what you really brings you joy “deep down” or what you want in your life from that day forward.

Another added bonus to this experience is that you think twice before buying something new. You develop a new relationship with your belongings and are more aware of what you really need or don’t need. If you are considering embarking on that journey I highly recommend that you do, just make sure you have sufficient free time, an open mind and plenty of energy!

Find out more about Marie Kondo :

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