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Looking within, the best adventure of all.

I was brought up in a family where "doing" and "achieving perfection" were paramount so unsurprisingly for the first part of my life I busied myself intensely with high levels of expectations for myself and others. While that level of activity has brought me many interesting experiences, after 15 years it left me exhausted and mostly dissatisfied. Like a hamster in its wheel I had been running fast and proper without the faintest clue of why I was doing it, convinced everyone else was going through similar things !

I finally stepped off the wheel, took a break and instead of looking outwards I started looking within, and along that journey I began to shed (mental) weight the same way a hot air balloon does to gain height and perspective. I went from breakthrough to breakthrough realizing life was full of possibilities, lightness and joy but most of all of choices, and that freedom could only come from within. I started making educated choices, even though others sometimes found them foolish or irresponsible. At 42 I left my job as a Post-Production Manager and trained in two completely new fields, voice over work and coaching, after which I slowly created a working environment at my image. The important isn't what I do anymore but who I am.

Today I work as a voice-over for a Brussels based TV channel (BX1), I teach Motion Design production at a higher-education school and I coach or accompany people through various types of issues, whether professional or personal. 3 activities I enjoy thoroughly and invest myself with the same level of enthusiasm and creativity. I remain fascinated by many subjects, the human workings being one of the most captivating of all and I continue to discover new horizons, reaching further inwards which tends to show outwards. When we are true to ourselves, our energy grows boundless, and everything becomes lighter.

I believe each human being has great talent and potential. Everything is there to be discovered or uncovered, should you be willing. I also believe that our well-being is highly dependent on the alignment of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. They are all intimately intertwined and looking after yourself is to nurture them all.


If you're looking to widen your perspective and understanding of who you are or who you want to be, if you wish to reconnect with the reality of what is and free yourself from disruptive internal dialogues, or if you want to put some changes in place within your personal or professional life, I’ll be very happy to assist you on your way there!

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